What We Offer


This guarantee is only for workmanship and is valid for 6 months only, from the date of insert (must be proven). If any motor repaired by SEEKAT ENTERPRISES appear to be faulty within the 6 month workmanship guarantee period, SEEKAT ENTERPRISES will investigate and test such a motor to determine what the cause of fault may be. SEEKAT ENTERPRISES is not responsible for the following:

Mechanical overloading

Electrical overloading due to high voltage

Electrical overloading due to low voltage

Single-phased in star or delta connection

Water, due to rain, condensation or any other cause

Unbalanced supply lines


Shot blasting or sandblasting

The following will be identified with poor workmanship or faulty material supplied to us:

A winding with a shorted coil

A winding blown inside a slot

Turn to turn shorts

Insulation faults (This we will rectify with our suppliers)

Raised slot liners

Clients are responsible for the following:

Loss of production

Removing and installing of motors

No refunds on any costs undertaken by the customer