Seekat Enterprises is primarily engaged in the repair, rewinding and reconditioning of small and medium AC multiphase and DC motors, generators, welding machines, coils and transformers.

The company is widely experienced in the repair of electrical equipment and armature winding, linier induction motors and linier induction alternators . The company has business experience from 1973


The Capabilities Offered

  • AC multi phase motors up to 500 KW – low voltage

  • Welding machines AC and DC

  • Transformers and coils

  • DC motors & forklift motors

  • Submersible pumps, pool pumps and industrial liquid pumps

  • Repair of power tools

  • Suppliers of carbon brushes and new electric motors

  • Lawnmowers, washing machines & domestic single phase motors



This guarantee is only for workmanship and is valid for 3 months only. If any motor repaired by SEEKAT ENTERPRISES appear to be faulty within the 3 month workmanship guarantee period, SEEKAT ENTERPRISES will investigate and test such a motor to determine what the cause of fault may be.

Contact Us

Tel: 011 740 8673
Fax: 086 584 4121